James Bond 007: Casino Royale (2006)

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Phim ĐIỆP VIÊN 007: SÒNG BẠC HOÀNG GIA - 2006 - Mỹ:

Nói về Chiffre là 1 tên trùm xã hội đen hắn rất giàu có với việc kiếm tiền từ sòng bạc của mình và hắn luôn dùng tiền kiếm dc để cung cấp cho bọn khủng bố với âm mưu đen tối, trong 1 lần sơ ý hắn đã để lạc mất số tiền mà đang chuyển cho bọn khủng bố để tìm lại nhanh só tiền đó hắn đã tham gia đánh bạc lúc đó điệp viên 007 đã ra tay ngăn chặn

“Casino Royale” is the twenty-first film from a series of films about the fictional agent 007 of British intelligence James Bond, based on the very first novel by Roy Fleming “Casino Royale”. The film is a debut in the role of the super agent of British actor Daniel Craig and talks about the initial stage of Bond’s work in the service of British intelligence. The director of the film is Martin Campbell, who previously participated in the series as the director of the film “Golden Eye”. The script for the film was written by Oscar winner Paul Haggis.

The film is also the new (fourth) restart of franchises about the hero of previous films.

The premiere took place at the Odeon Leicester Square cinema on November 14, 2006. Basically, the film received positive reviews from critics who celebrated Daniel Craig’s game, as well as a new character image of Bond. The film raised $ 599 million worldwide, becoming the most profitable franchise in the franchise right up to the release of “007: Skyfall Coordinates” in 2012.

The most famous spy in the world returns to the viewer – and to the beginning of his boisterous activity in the service of Her Majesty! The first mission as agent 007 at Casino Royale becomes his greatest test: he has to fight with an international terrorist organization that has entangled the entire planet with its network.

Using a rich espionage arsenal – from a faithful pistol to a tricked out sports car and sex casino game – James Bond enters into a duel with a key figure in the forces of evil, the financial genius of the underworld Le Schiffrom. But the bullets are good only for Le Schiffre’s henchmen: the general battle against the villain can be won only by the power of the mind – and not on the battlefield, but on the green cloth of the luxurious Royal Casino …

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